VPN tunnel


According to KB-0095-00 / Rev.1.1 to fix for error “ *When using --ip-win32 netsh, if you have more than one Tap-Win32 adapter, you must also specify –dev-node" the line with “–ip-win32 netsh” should be replaced.
The config file from ecatcher installation does not include the mentioned line.
Please indicate where the dhcp lines should be introduced and what to deleted if any.

Can you check what the name of your TAP V9 adapter is in your network connections? If it’s not already set to “Talk2m-eCatcher” can you try to rename it?


here’s my network.

Was eCatcher previously working on this computer or is this a new installation? If it was previously working can you uninstall the current version of eCatcher and download the most recent version here:

eCatcher V6.6.4

This is V6.6.4 1st installation on win10 pc.

I get the same behavior with another pc with win7.

Can you try running deltapall.bat as administrator, then addtap.bat as administrator and run the renametap.vbs file and see if that works?

Not working. Same error message.

Can you go here and grab the log files from eCatcher for me to look further into this?



systemLogs-20210129T154813.zip (24.1 KB)

Would it be possible to do a TeamViewer session on your computer?


I’ll leave the office within few minutes and next week ‘ll be abroad full time.

We’ll connect at return.


Ok I’ll keep an eye out for when you’re available next

Hi @stelit

I’m going to mark this ticket resolved for now so it’s not in my active queue, but feel free to send me another message and I’ll reactivate the ticket.


Hi Tim,

I’m ready for the test you like to perform.

Hi @stelit,

I’ll have to check with my colleague tomorrow morning and see if he’s available to take a look at this. Could you give me the team viewer login credentials so that we can try and take a look at this tomorrow?



please advise as you are ready for connection.