VPN unstable Flexy 201


Flexy 201 is connected with eFive and VPN status also UP(green) . But PLC IP (NAT enabled) frequently getting timeout . locally its pinging without any issue.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (87 KB)


Hi Neil,

One reason that pings might be dropping out is that it seems like there isn’t a very strong GSM signal on this device.


Can you try changing the device to use TCP instead of UDP or potentially move the antenna into a different location where it can get a GSM signal of 18 or more?


Hi tim

We are getting gsm signal 17 in 3G network. As per eWON i guss 5+ is sufficient in 3G (HSPA)

Nezil Harshan


Hi Nezil,

Did you try setting it to TCP instead of UDP? While the device still will work at less than 18 GSM it may run into issues if it’s using UDP because it will send out it’s info without any packet correction and this could cause some issues.


Dear Tim
Its alrady confgured in TCP. You can see in my earlier conversation attached backup.

Nezil Harshan


If the device is connected to through eCatcher instead of through the eFive is it still running into these issues?


I cannot change to this ecatcher because our scope of work is to integrate 11 remote stations to efive.


I’m not meaning that to be a permanent thing, I just want to see if this seems to be an issue with the vpn connection or if it’s an issue connecting to the efive