WAN Connection

I have a Flexy 205 with WiFi card for WAN connection and this is connected to a mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot has a DHCP lease time permanently set at 24 hours. My question is if this will cause an issue with Flexy losing internet connection. How often or how long does a Flexy keep trying to obtain an IP address from DHCP server in order to come back online automatically by itself?

Hello @anontywdfuin,

The lease time is give to the device when a dhcp IP is assigned. The ewon will ask for a new IP when the lease expires.


How often does it try for a new on before the ewon gives up?

It will keep requesting a dhcp address. If you are concerned this is not happening you can check the event logs you should see that the DHCP request failed if it sent a request but did not get a response.