Want to factory reset AB7000-c

Need to factory reset AB7000-c. Please guide.


There isn’t a method to factory reset these devices.

However, you can upload an empty configuration to bring the device back to clean slate.

Is there a particular reason why this needs to be reset?

We have the old module configured for communicating to 4 parker 650G drives. Now we want to replace one Parker Drive with Siemens G120 drive with CU240-E2. It needs re configuration.

You don’t necessarily need to factory reset it then. Just upload the config, delete one Parker drive and add the Siemens drive. Then download the config.

I tried to download the config, but it is not getting completed. Although the communication shows OK, but neither the upload or download is successful.
Please help us in downloading the config.

During Uploading,

During Downloading