Weather value from website into eWon



Is it possible to get a numerical value from the internet (ex. temperature value from Weather Underground) and use this value inside a Flexy 205?



How are you intending to use the data? Is this for a ViewON page or something else?



Correct, to display the value on a ViewOn page.


Hi acj,

This would be a nice feature, but I can’t think of an easy way to do this. ViewON is mainly geared towards importing data from the Flexy thru tag values. It may be possible, but I don’t know how you would do it without some custom code. If you want to build a custom solution, I would recommend checking out the M2Web API and Talk2M SDK, or checking with our Solution Center which can build a custom application for you.

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Ok thank you for the info.




Just to be clear, I’m sure this is possible, I’m just not 100% on the easiest way to make it work. I think the easiest way would be to import the data into a Flexy tag using the API. I can research this some more if you’d like, or you can reach out to the Solution Center if this is a high priority.



Hi Kyle,

Any help you or your colleagues could provide with importing the data into Flexy using API would be much appreciated. It’s not a high enough priority to use the Solution Center, but I would appreciate any help to figure out if/how this can be possible with the Flexy 205.



I was also thinking, this could be a great sample to show how to bring outside data into the eWon via the API. Could be useful for others users as well!


Hi acj,

I wanted to touch base on this. I checked at Weather Underground and it seems they no longer have a free API, but there are a couple others that do, like and

I haven’t had a chance to dig into those too much but in the meantime thought I’d share a really easy way to show weather data in ViewON using a weather widget. There are many different sites that have them, and all you have to do is copy and paste the code into your viewON site code.

Here is a very simple demonstration:

  • Go to and customize widget. Click “Get Code” and copy the code.
  • Using ftp, browse to the /usr/viewon/ and download yourprojectname.shtm
  • Open in text editor and paste the widget code, adjust as necessary to position, save, upload file on eWon to replace the old file

You will see the weather widget on your page. This particular one is a forecast, but there are thousands of different widgets out there you can try for current weather, or other weather data.

I plan on making a full example using the API, but just thought I’d share this easy way to use widgets on the page. I haven’t tested this much, so if you try it use with caution in production environments until you are sure it doesn’t break anything.



Hi Kyle,

I’m trying this out and getting stuck on the ‘Using ftp, browse to the /usr/viewon/ and download yourprojectname.shtm’ step.

Do i do this with web browser ftp, or by editing the ViewOn project file?

thanks for your help.


Can this code be implemented in the ‘Actions - JavaScript Section’ in ViewOn?


Yes, you can you use that. I was just using a text editor to modify the code manually, but if you prefer to use ViewON, that should work too!

For future reference, you can use the file manager in Windows to access the eWon’s files:

Or use an FTP client like FileZilla.



Hi Kyle,

OK great I will try that. Just curious, any idea when you (or a colleague) will be able to post an example of how to get data via an API?


Hi Kyle, any chance you know when you’ll have an API example for the eWon?


Very busy with support tickets at the moment but we haven’t forgotten about this.