Webserver works in eCatcher but not with M2Web


I’m trying access a webserver using a Flexy 205, when using the eCatcher works fine but when using the M2Web is not working, trying to debug a little bit and find some interesting things but not sure how to fix.
At first instance when openning the address shown is

https://eu2.m2web.talk2m.com/Ewon_Account/Ewon Name/proxy/IP:Port/website

and start loading, after few seconds the link above change to:

https://eu2.m2web.talk2m.com/Ewon_Account/Ewon Name: Port (the port before was 8080 and now 47985) /website

Is there any way to mantain the initial address?

Hi @borre005,

Does the webpage work correctly if you open it in eCatcher Mobile? Also what PLC/HMI is hosting this webpage?


Hello Tim,

It works from eCatcher mobile, the host is the Cimplicity GE Webspace, also having same issue with a supplier website.

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Do you know if that device supports VNC? It could be a compatibility issue with M2Web vs eCatcher or eCatcher Mobile

It supports VNC, but that is not really the solution since with VNC is the same session for all remote connections and using the web server the session is independent for each person, what is different between eCatcher and M2Web that one works and the
other don’t ?

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eCatcher mobile was more recently updated than M2Web and supports newer devices that use things like HTML5. I can check with development to see if this is something they could try and work on, but you may need to use either eCatcher or eCatcher mobile for now. Or I believe VNC should work through M2Web if that’s an option for you

Ok, do you know what is the difference between the concurrent users between M2Web and eCatcher, is it possible to transfer users from one to another? Is there a limit number of concurrent users in eCatcher?

Thank you

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On a free+ account, you can have 1 user connected to a device over eCatcher with an additional 5 users between eCatcher Mobile and M2Web.

On a Pro account, the standard plan includes 3 concurrent users connecting to a device over eCatcher and unlimited for eCatcher Mobile and M2Web.

Thank you, we have a ProAccount and currently 12 users in eCatcher, what is the maximum we can go?

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There is no limit on the number of users you create, but there is a limit on the number of concurrent connections you can have.

@us_sales, can you go over how to add additional concurrent users to an account?


You can add additional users at anytime. In eCatcher login as the admin and go to the account settings. Uner Credit and Contract click the modify link. Here you can adjust the concurrent connections you currently have. Keep in mind by doing this your account will need to be renewed faster. Typically with 3 Concurrent connections you get 972 credits when you purchase part# TM50041. With 3 concurrent connections you use up 81 credits per month. For each additional concurrent connection you add you will eat up an additional 27 credits per month. So you can do the math on how long, how often you will need to renew or how many #TM50041’s you need to purchase.

Hope this helps.