Welcome to hms.how



Welcome to hms.how

hms.how is designed to be your central channel for receiving online technical support from HMS Support Engineers. Ask questions and find solutions for your simple or complex technical support requests.

While we invite any and all questions, we ask that you please review this post for additional information on how hms.how works.

1. Responsiveness & Moderation

hms.how is actively monitored and moderated by HMS Support Engineers during normal business hours. We strive to have all questions responded to with a solution or path to resolution in short order.

Additionally, HMS support staff actively review all posts to ensure incorrect or malicious content is not being shared on the platform. All new posts are required to be reviewed and approved. This ensures that all content has been checked by HMS before being publicly visible.

As this is a community platform, we also extend the ability to moderate content to you. When browsing, if any content is found to be abusive, malicious, or blatantly incorrect, all users have the power to flag a topic or post. The flagged item is then hidden for administrative review. Upon review, the initiator of the flag will receive a response with the action taken as well as an explanation on whether this is agreed to be a valid or invalid flag item.

Note: Rapid flagging is not permitted. All users must exercise a level of restraint in only flagging items as defined above.

Note: HMS support reserves the right to remove content as deemed necessary.

2. Can I still receive phone support?

Absolutely! hms.how is only intended to be the central location for online technical support.

Click here to find your regional phone support number

3. How can I tell who is an HMS Support Engineer?

In order to make it easier to understand who is a technical support engineer, we have assigned all engineers with a badge identifying them as such. Only HMS support team members are granted this badge. If you review the name of the respondent, for HMS support members, you will see the following directly to the right of their username:


If you see this identifier, rest assured your answer is being answered by an HMS product expert. Also, HMS support engineers have the naming convention of: firstname_hms. Only HMS administrators will use this naming convention. Additionally, HMS staff will have the following `flair` on their user account images:


Please however feel free to provide assistance to other customers as well; this is a public community and all are welcome to contribute.

4. Personal Information

Many times we may need to discuss things with you on a more personal level. This can include the exchanging of phone numbers, emails or other personally identifying information. As hms.how is publicly accessible, we ask and stress that you should not upload any personally identifying information to a topic thread.

When personal information must be exchanged, a support engineer will send you a private message (PM) or you may initiate a private message by clicking the message icon next in the users expandable user-card.

Note: HMS Support members will NOT ask you to post private information in a public topic.

5. Information regarding products not made by HMS

While we are experts in our own products we may only be familiar with some basic usage of non-HMS products. As such we reserve the right to edit content that makes claims to functionality, capabilities etc of non-HMS products that we aren’t directly familiar with.

In conclusion, welcome to hms.how!

Best Regards,
You HMS Support Team

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