What does a properly running hms-en2se-r look like in studio?


Hi Joe,

I will follow up here with some screen shots of a working Linking device.



Hello Joe here are screens shots of the linking device running. The internal state should say Run mode.



I apologize when editing your last response, to remove the phone i ended up deleting the entire post.

You said you were not able to get the device into the run mode. Were you in run mode with the PLC?

would you be available for a phone call and a teamviewer so i can get a better idea of what is going on?



I will call you in the morning



Hi Deryck,

I found out how to get it out of program mode. If you pull the power on the module, and reapply it goes into Run Mode. I can now see the data on the Serial side of the module but it is not showing up on the Logix 5000 side. Small problem and may try to get someone this afternoon to look at it from your company.

Thanks for all the help,


Hi @elopelec,

Glad to hear it is working, not exactly sure why it would have needed to be power cycled. I can only guess that it had a fault that was not clearing.