What is the auto acknowledge on RTN


What is the auto acknowledge on RTN option for when you setup an alarm ? and when you setup an alarm does it have to work with an email or sms ?



Hi @Neels,

This is basically how it works. For example you have a tag that is set to alarm low if the value is 0 or lower and alarm high if the value is 5 or higher. If the tag hits a value of 5, then the alarm will go into an alarm state. If the tag goes back down into the normal operating area with a value like 3, it will still be in alarm mode until somebody manually goes into the alarm section of the flexy and hits the acknowledge button. But if you hit the auto acknowledge button, this will make it so that the device will perform that step by it’s self when it goes back into the normal operating area.

Thank You Tim

Can you tell me, i have setup my emails now to be send via the alarm . DOes it need any activation from ewon side to send emails ?

If you have the alarms setup to send out emails, then you’ll probably want the auto acknowledge on the device. If the device is in normal operating mode and it goes into an alarm state, it will send out an email, but if it goes back to normal and then goes into that alarm state again you won’t get an email about the second time unless the device has been manually acknowledged, or you have auto acknowledge set