When using ip-win 32 netsh, if you have nire thab ine TAP

A VPN tunnel error ‘Ehen using ip-win 32 netsh, if you have nire thab ine TAP’ occurs and the VPN connection cannot be established.
I changed the name of the Tap interface referring to “Error: When using -ip-win32.netsh, if you have more than one TAP windows adapter you need to - #4 by abrannon”, but it could not be resolved.

Do you have a windows TAP adapter that is named “Talk2m-eCatcher”?

It would look like the image below in your network settings. If you see that the adapter is not named correctly you will have to change it.

The network settings are as follows.
Do you have any advice?

Try this:

  1. Log out of eCatcher

  2. On the log in page go to “Settings”:


  1. Select “Modify” for “VPN Driver Settings” and select DHCP:

  1. Log back in and try again please

I just noticed something else that is strange:

Can you delete this TAP adapter and rename the other to ‘Talk2m-eCatcher’ also?

Removed two TAP adapters and uninstalled eCatche.
I was able to connect after reinstalling.
Thank you very much.

It seems difficult to coexist with other VPN software.