Where can I find the eWON TAG GENERATOR file


where can I find the eWON TAG GENERATOR

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You can download that file below.

Download: Tag Generator


I downloaded from the Flexy with no problem, made some changes and uploaded ok. how do I tell the Flexy to update the tags with the new uploaded file?



The easiest way is to make a noticeable change and re-upload to the unit. This is simply an FTP transfer. The file does not include notifications at the end. The file was a community created program.


I think there is a problem using this tag generator workbook with flexy firmware version 13.2PR. I have used it successfully in firmware 13.0, but it appears the column format of the var file changes in the new firmware.

I could probably go about editing the VBA to get it working, but I figured I’d ask to see if anyone here has already done that.


Edit: I was able to get it working, and have described the solution below.


Hi David,

I will need to check with my colleagues to see if they have any updated versions of this tool. I am not aware of any updated version myself.




I was able to get it working.

Because firmware 13.2 adds a column to var lst for the KPI property, and moves the “Type” column to a different location in the table, the current tag generator does not work.

All I had to do was copy the column headers from a 13.2 var lst into the generator workbook and it started working. The VBA appears to detect the used range of the sheet, so the change in the number of columns does not affect the generation of the export file.


Please create a new version of the spreadsheet for those of us that don’t want to work on the VBA ourselves


@David_Nolan Thanks for the update this is useful info.

@tomgiorgio this is an unofficial tool but I will look into seeing if we can update the tool to work with the new TAG file configuration.


Just a heads up, I’m having trouble with the spreadsheet on the latest firmware 13.2s0

Nothing about the tags will update. Even changing the name of the tag, the excel sheet says success but nothing changes in the eWON

Tags not saving?


In your GENERATOR REV 5 workbook, just remove column K (the “Type” column). Then, insert two columns after BA (“FCO”), and call them “KPI”, and “Type”.

I was able to use the generator against a 13.2 flexy with those settings changes.



Here is the one I am using.


Thanks David. I was having the same problem importing tags with the new firmware. Your Rev 6 Tag Generator did the trick.