WiFi SSID cannot be found after x days


We use the Anybolt as a Wifi access point in our machine.
After a few days (could be shorter) the Wifi SSID cannot be found by any device (computer/phone)

Any idea what I can try?

It has a static IP address with WiFi DHCP enabled and is connected to an unmanaged switch. We use the latest Firmware 2.03.02

IP Assignment Static
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

Internal DHCP Server DHCP Server Enabled
DHCP Server Interfaces All

WLANStatus On

Operating Mode Access Point
Connection Connected
SSID M0950_Mobile_iMi
Channel 36
Channel Bands 5 GHz
(also tried 2,4 Ghz)

Bluetooth Settings: Disabled

Internal DHCP Server DHCP Server Enabled
DHCP Interfaces Wireless Interfaces
Start Address (Y) 201

Thanks in advance

Is the Bolt connected to a network with another Wireless controller? Or is there another wireless controller on the premises? It may be identifying the Bolt as a Rogue access point and blocking it.

Hi Kyle,
No it is connected to an unmaneged switch together with some Allen Bradley PLC, IO and Servo components. It is the only DHCP server in the network (configured from ip adres 201) the other devices are all configured with static adresses and are below the .200 adres.

Is there another wireless system on the premises? Even if it’s not connected to it? If so, can you find out what type of wireless controller is used?

The reason I need to know about other wireless controllers is because some newer systems have a setting to detect and mitigate “rogue” access points. This could be the cause of the issue.

Were you able to find out if there is another wireless controller in the area?