WIFI through Cosy 131. VPN failed. Offline in eBuddy

I have issues for connecting eWon through WIFI. the eWon module is at customer site now. We set the WIFI connection through the Wizard. But there is error in VPN connection. the eWon in the eBuddy software shows offline. I don’t know how to fix this. Please help.

Hi Zach,
I have the same question about setting WIFI at customer site. My customer IT person helped me go through WIFI set up and it is connected through WIFI. But the VPN Connection shows error. the eWon in the eCather show Offline.
I don’t know how to get it online. Please help.


This look like your connection to are servers is being blocked. Here is are document on what needs to be open on the firewall for the device to be able to connect.

Hi Zach,
Thanks for the help.
I am going to check this document.
Another simple question: Since I installed eCather and eBuddy on the Customer Laptop to set up the WIFI connection, Do i need to set up the Talk2M under the Wizard on customer laptop? for instance, input the Talk2M Activation Key or Talk2M Wizard Registration?


If you choose “Initialize configuration” went running the internet wizard at the site you will have to run the Talk2M wizard again with the activation key. You could also rerun it to see at what step the VPN connection is failing at.

Hi Zach,
thanks for the quick response.
My customer doesn’t allow LAN connection at their facility. i can only use WIFI at this point. The WIFI is connection is established. And also this eWon has been commissioned before. so the activation and Talk2M account have been created at my facility.
So my question is that if that is possible to connect this eWon without LAN connection at customer site with only WIFI?
After i forward your suggestion with the PDF document, customer IT didn’t reply me.


The WiFi on the Ewon is for establishing its WAN(internet) connection. Are you not able to plug an ethernet cable to connect tot eh machine next work that you will be remoting into? That would be what the ewon considers its LAN connection.

The WIFI on Ewon is connected yesterday. Just the VPN status error. and eCather shows the Ewon offline. I think i need to see the Ewon online status at eCahter first before connecting to Machine. the Ewon is offline so i can’t connect the machine at this moment.

Yes, since there is a VPN error the device will show up as offline in eCatcher. So just for clarity has the internet wizard been run today and passed?

My customer won’t be able to do the whitelist on their side at this moment.
So we are trying a different route. They have a mobile Router with Data Plan. I am trying to switch to that WIFI. I checked the initialize connection at Internet access wizard. then their is a pop up screen user name and password. and i tried my previous user name and password. but it won’t allow me to login…

From what I am seeing in the image that is the local login for the ewon. If you are running into this using microsoft edge I would try to use a different web browser to see if you can complete the login.