Win10 Communication Problem with eCatcher


I can use eCatcher with my Win7Pro computer with no connection issues.

I have just switched to a Win10Pro computer and I am unable to connect with eCatcher.

I can log in with eCatcher and the status shows the remote eWON is online but when I try to connect I get “Server communication error :” followed by “Error while
requesting Talk2M server informations”.

I tried re-installing eCatcher 6.5.2 with the same results.

I also noticed with my Win7 computer, I can have a simultaneously eCatcher connection and also be on the Internet with my Wi-Fi network but I can’t with Win10.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank You,


Can you check what the name of your tap adapter is on the windows 10 PC?

It should be called Talk2m-eCatcher. If it’s not can you try and rename it?

It’s the same as what you’ve highlighted below.


Can you try and connect to a different internet source? Maybe use a hotspot on your phone if that’s an option?

Same problem using the hotspot on my cell phone.


Do you know if there’s anything on the new PC that might be blocking access to our access servers?

Hello Tim,

I just did a hardwire cable connection to my Ethernet router/hub and the connection is working OK that way.

It looks like it has something to do with my wireless connections with Win10 that won’t allow these connections.

I will work with our IT person to see if he can help solve this problem.

I will get back to you when I figure this out.



Hi Jim,

This doc may help with the issues that you’re seeing.

kb-0209-00-en-adresses-and-ports-used-by-talk2m.pdf (290.9 KB)