Windows 98 drivers

Good day,
How can I get the Windows 98 drivers for a iPCI 320 P996 rev. 1.15 card?

We lost the original files so we need that support.

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I could not identify the exact drivers for that device with windows 98. We have VCI v3 available with support for that device.

We also have VCI V2.16 which is the last driver i could find with windows 98 support.

Let me know if these drivers do no work and I see if we have any others available.


Hello Derick,

I installed the card but now is giving me the following error:


DPRAM DRV: reset failed.

Do you know what we need to do to fix this problem?

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I do not know what would be causing this error.

Can you provide the serial number for the device? I will see if i can find the exact drivers that were shipped with this device.

Is this a new install or was the device working on the PC before?


Hi Derick,

The card was working before in the same pc, but had a failure with the video so the chipset in charge of that task was replaced.

But after we restarted the machine the can was not worked and then we installed it again with the drivers that you provided and now we have the current problem.

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What drivers do you have installed right now?


Here is the requested info.

What drivers did you install that i suggested above? VCI3, VCI2 or both?

Only VCI 2.

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  1. The iPC-I 320/ISA is supported with the VCI V2.16+SP2 that you can download from our webpage

    Please note the VCI V3 does not support the Windows 98.
    Please note the VCI V2.20 is a compatibility layer for VCI V3 and does not install any drivers.

  2. Please note the used IRQ has to be reserved in the BIOS for ISA slot.

  3. Please find the iPC-I 320/ISA Hardware manual here >> 4_01_0040_20000-iPC_2_8.pdf (327.4 KB)

  4. The error message “Board Error! Error 0xE0010106 -DPRAM DRV: Reset failed” tells us that the VCI2 driver could not reset the microcontroller on the iPC-I 320/ISA.

    • Have you made any other changes to the system? (install or changed other hardware or software?) Did you install a new graphics card?
      • If you have you will want to check the IRQ and address settings.
        (The used IRQ and addresses has to be free/unused)
        (The IRQ and address jumper set on board has to be the same like set in Windows).
        (The used IRQ has to be reserved for ISA slot in BIOS).
    • Have you checked if the ipc-I 320/ISA runs ub another ISA Slot?
    • Does the ipc-I 320/ISA work in another PC?
    • Do you have another ipc-I 320/ISA that we can test in this PC?


Good day Derick,

Thank you for all the support and recommendations, with that we were able to detect that the motherboard was damaged.

We replaced the motherboard and the machine is working again.

Best regards