Wireless Bolt - Serial Feature Availability


Regarding the wireless bolt, do you have an release date for the serial feature? The manual states that RS-232 and RS-485 cannot be used simultaneously, but how about Ethernet and RS-232, can they be used at the same time?


We still don’t have a specific date for the serial feature release but the expectation is the first half of 2018.

While the feature has not been released yet I would expect that Serial and Ethernet will be able to work at the same time. We will not know for sure until the the feature is fully released.


@deryck_hms Any update on this. we are in Q3 of 2018.


Hello @SivakumarRn,

At this time I don’t have any further info on when this will be added.



Hi Deryck,

Any further update on the serial availability on Bolt. Manuals are still stating serial availability on Bolt and customers keep following for the same.

Is there any Roadmap for this function Availability


Hi @SivakumarRn,

I do not have any further details on the serial port on the Bolt at this time. Your local sales rep should be able to provide any details on when it would be available.



Any news about the serial feature yet?


We don’t have an official release date but it looks like we have a pending release data for Q4 of this year.