Wireless Bolt with Cosy131


I like to setup in Access Point an Anybus Bolt connect to an Cosy131 with Ethernet Cable.

I like to connect an Wireless PC on the Anybus Bolt.

Actually, the Anybus I see the Anybus on the cosy but I don’t see the PC connect on the Anybus and the PC cannot connect to device on the Cosy network.

Current config : Anybus Static at with Gateway at ( Cosy IP )
It’s the Lan Config that cause my problem…

I try the A4 setup in the setup manual but It don’t work…

Some clues?



  1. Are you using a DHCP or static address for the PC?
  2. Did you set Bridge mode in the Bolt to Layer 2 or Layer 3?
  3. If static with Layer 3, did you set the default gateway to be the Anybus Bolt’s IP address?


1- Static adresse
PC ip:
Gateway: ( IP of Cosy 131)

2- I set the Bolt on DHCP relay Enable because all of the device on the Cosy was StaticIP

3- I don’t know what is the layer 2 or 3 … but yes the gateway of the PC and Bolt was the Cosy Ip Adresse.


There is a setting as explained in the the A4 instructions:


Please set the default gateway in the PC to be the Anybus Bolt IP address.

Were you able to get this working?

I’ll make some test this morning. I’ll update you soon! :wink:



OK, let me know. If it doesn’t work, you may want to reset the Bolt and start with fresh settings again.

Hi Kyle,

It seems is the PC FireStick he had an connection probleme. I see the mac of the PC in the Bolt Mac Connection but I can’t establish connection with it! We had test with another PC and it’s OK with the same configuration.

The problem is with Windows Defender. It block external connection.

So the problem was in the FireStick!



OK thank you for the update - I’m glad you were able to figure that out!