Wireless Bridge II Constantly Dropping

I have a network with 1 Wireless Bridge II as Access Point and 2 of them as Clients.

Each one is connected to a different Stratix 2500, and between the Access Point and the Clients there are roughly 65m.

With that configuration, from time to time I’m getting some package drops or very high delay. Is there some configuration that can solve this?

Hi @Lucas_Ribas,

Is it one specific device that is having this connection problem, or one more than the other?

How are the devices arranged, specifically, what are the angles between the Bridge II and Bolts? The Bridge II has a semi-directional antenna, so that could be contributing.

What frequency is being used, 2.4 GHz or 5 Ghz?

Are there any other WiFi devices in this area? Are there any other sources of electromagnetic energy or potential interference?

Is there any pattern to when or how often the issue arises?

Is the data sent at a consistent rate, or are there times when more data is sent?

Hey! Thanks for the quick answer.

The two clients have the same problem.

When I’m connected to the AP and try to ping in a device in the subnet or in the client itself, sometimes I get low pings, sometimes I get high pings, and very often I get lost of packages.

Near one of the clients there is another WiFi router (CTSI_Capal), so I set the channel the most far possible from the channels that are being used (my AP is AP_Scheffer, in the screenshot).

I’m using 2,4Ghz. I tried 5Ghz before and seems to be worst.

Also tried to change the antenna position, without results.

The funny part is that this dropping occurs even when the Link Quality shown is 4 (highest).

65m is a long distance for the 5 GHz band.

It does look like the CTSI_Capal is using a 40 MHz range (channel bonding), which is a bad practice, and it’s encroaching onto channel 11. Can you let the network admin know? This could be causing interference with your network.

Also, is the Bridge II using the internal antenna or an external antenna?