Wireless Bridge Signal Through Enclosures

I am looking at integrating a set of wireless bridges into an upcoming project and was wondering: is the wireless signal strong enough to go through enclosures and still allow reliable data traffic (remote I/O to a PLC), or do I need to mount each bridge on the outside of the enclosures?

I would have some concerns about maintaining a reliable connection through the enclosure, especially if it’s a closed metal case that would be holding one of the Bridges.

If you are interested in adding wireless access to an enclosure, the Anybus Wireless Bolts are very similar devices to the Bridges, and they are designed with a mounting gasket so that devices inside can connect to the Bolt, while signal is sent and received by the part of the Bolt mounted outside.

This product overview video gives a good look at the mounting procedure 1 minute in: Wireless access for machines and cabinets via Bluetooth or WiFi — Anybus Wireless Bolt - YouTube

More information is available on our website here: Wireless Bolt | Anybus bolt | Anybus

I am having the same issue. Operating P/N AWB2030-B Wireless Bolt through a thin sheet metal paint booth wall. I have done this in several installations with no problem at all and now I have one client in a high traffic area that is competing for bandwidth and also lots of industrial interference.

Is there any way to mesh the Bolt that is inside the booth with a P/N AWB3003-B wireless bridge outside the booth? Where I can have all on the same signal? I cannot use the Bridge inside the paint booth as it is not approved for a hazardous location.

What devices are you trying to connect together? I saw in another post you asked about a tablet being able to connect to AWBs both inside and outside the booth. Is this the same use case? If so, you can set the same SSID on multiple AWBs so that devices can roam between them and stay connected to the network.