Wiresless Bolt Serial - RFCOMM communication


Is there a way to communicate with the Serial port of the Bolt trough the Bluetooth connection ? I explain, we would use the Bolt to be able to communication with an LCR-II petrol distribution meter. We plug it on the meter and communicate with it by bluetooth using the RFCOMM protocol from a windows tablet with a custom made application.

My problem is that I cant find a way to get the RFCOMM from the Bolt.. I just found in the specs that it doesnt seem to have the SPP profile which is generally used for RFCOMM. Is there a way to activate it ?

If no, is there a product by Anybus (or, if not, from another manufacturer) that would fulfill this requirement ?


Hi Hugo,

The Anybus Bolt uses the PAN Bluetooth profile only.

We do have the Anybus Wireless Bridge - Serial - Bluetooth (order code 024140) which can use the SPP profile. You can take a look at it here. You will have to configure those settings using AT commands.


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for the quick answer!

So from that, the Anybus Bolt is no good for what I have to achieve. The Wireless Bridge Serial Bluetooth should allow me to use a RFCOMM protocol to communicate to the RS232/485 device that is connected to the Bridge ? From any other device (tablets,PC, etc) and not juste another Bridge ?

Example we are able to do
PC (with bluetooth) - > Bridge → RS 232 Device

PC (with RS232) → BRIDGE - > BRIDGE → RS232 device.

If thats so, i’ll look to order it.


Yes, you can connect to any other BT device, not just another bridge.

Great ! that’s what I need. I’ll order one to test it.

Thanks for your help and your time !

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You’re welcome.