WLAN Passkey & Sandbox Environment


What is the purpose of the passkey on the WLAN Settings page? Does it need to be retained over time to make configuration changes in the future?

Also, how can I test the Bolt in a sandbox environment? Looking for ideas.

Hi @jcitone1,

That passkey is where you would enter the password for the wifi network that you’re trying to connect your bolt to (if it requires one). Do you have just one bolt or multiple bolts for this test environment?


Hi Tim,

I have just one bolt for the testing environment.


What is the goal of this connection? Is the device being used as an access point or being connected to a network?

You’ll want to do a layer 3 IP forwarding if you only have the 1 bolt

The device is being connected to a network. The Bolt is being configured in client mode and we want to test it for now - for example, could we use a phone to demonstrate the signal is secure and consistent?

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That should be ok, you can have your phone connect to the same wifi network as the bolt and then try to ping it