Write my values tag in te SD Card

In my project I need to write my tag’s values in a SD Card FAC90601_0100
How i can it? I saw the manual but i don’t understand what is the process

What are the formats which I save the measurenst, txt,csv…?

Thnaks for all

Hi Carlos,

How do you want your data to be stored in the SD card. Do you want it to create a new file every day? Keep updating one file? What tags to do you want to be pulled into the files? Within reason you can setup the files however you want. Here’s some example code of somebody creating a custom historical log. You can save them as a CSV, a text file, or if you’re doing a custom historical log you could potentially save them as other formats if you know how to setup those formats.

custom_historical_log_example.txt (2.4 KB)

This post that Jordan created also shows some code that can be used to write to the SD card.

Have you already formatted the SD card to EXT3?


Hello Tim
First of all, Thanks at you answer
We want to save all tags, but we may have to remove some
how do it make?
I going to test the code If i have any problem, I will said you

Thank for all

If you only want certain tags, you can either put them into groups so that you’re only calling the historical logging info from certain groups. Or you can do a custom historical log like the example I gave above.

Ok thanks I try it

let me know if you run into issues with this

Hi Tim

I tested and I haven’t had any problems with this

Thanks for the information

You’re welcome, glad to hear it’s working!