X-Gateway AB7670 EIP/Profinet



I’m trying to create a connection between an Allen Bradley and a Siemens PLC. I’m trying to do some tests but for now I’m blocked in the Logix5000 step. I configured the IP adress. I used the Anybus configuration tool, to set the IO Size. 1 byte for my test… But in the logix5000, I always a connection request error : Bad Class.

Thank you for your help

X-Gateway 7670 configuration with CompactLogix PLC

Hello @GMiousse,

The device you have an AB7670 is going to be a ethernet/IP Master/scanner. If you are trying to get an Allen Bradly PLC to to talk to it you have the wrong device. You most likely will need an ab7649.



Hi, I’m trying to setup a communication between an AllenBradley compact logix PLC, and a siemens PLC.

For the begining, I configured the x-gateway as simple as possible with 1 byte IN and 1 byte out. In the HMS configuration page, I used the Connection point Originator/Target, that was written in the module definition in my Studio 5000. Producer 160, Consumer 165. 1 SINT Producer and 1 SINT Consumer. And when I run the program, I always have a “Connection request error: Bad Class”

I Don’t know what I do wrong… I guess it is a configuration mistake…

Thanks for your help


Ok, so if my needs is only to exchange some data between a siemens PLC and AllenBradley PLC, I cannot make it happen with a AB7670 ?



Hi @GMiousse,

It might technically be possible with the AB7670 the Ethernet/IP side of the gateway is a Ethernet/IP master so you will need to have the PLC act as a ethernetIP slave so the scanner can make a class 1 or class 3 connection. I am not sure if this is possible.

Is this a module for the gateway to make a connection to? Where is the bad connection class error showing up, is it from the PLC? This sounds like it might be a message instruction to a slave device not for devices to connect to.