X-Gateway Ethernet IP to Profinet Ethernet error 05:0000

I’m trying to set up an AB7649 to convert between my Omron NX102-9000 PLC and an unknown Profinet master. For now I’ll just use Profinet Master Simulator. I’ve set up my tags in the Omron and used the ip config tool and the X-Gateway configurator and web page to configure the network. However, I am receiving an error with the code 05:0000 when I monitor the Ethernet IP network. My tag sizes seem ok, but I do not know what that error code means, and Omron is equally flummoxed. Is that a device specific code? Thanks,

What you using to monitor the Ethernet IP network?

Where are you seeing the error exactly? Is it on the x - Gateway?

The Omron Sysmac Studio and Network Configurator software. I see it on the monitor for the connection in the Omron software.

I’m sorry, I gave you bad information. The correct model is AB7670, so I’m trying to operate it as the master and using my Omron PLC as a slave. However, I have it hooked up to a port mirroring hub and Wireshark, and I do not see it attempting to open a connection. I’m not sure why. I have set it up as pictured below image


Have you installed the EDS file into the OMRON Slave?

I am also assuming all IP’s are within the same range?

Yes, I loaded the EDS into the Omron software and it came up fine. I also tried using a generic EDS file. I have the Omron PLC set to and the Anybus X-Gateway set to, dip switches 7,6,5,4 set to ON. I can ping everything and like I said, I can see the devices with Wireshark, I just don’t see a message coming from the X-Gateway ( trying to establish communications with the Omron PLC.

Just as further information I have never been able to get the AB7670 to acknowledge the Ethernet connections. Not sure why it says “No Ethernet Connections”. Cable is fine. I’ve had a the following LEDs active:
GW Status - Green
LA - Green (Flashing)
MS - Red (Flashing)
NS - Green (Flashing)


To verify is the dipswitch configuration 00011110 or is it 01111000? Can you set the all the dipswitches to OFF, and configure the IP using HMS IPCONFIG?

Can you elobrate on what the set up for the Omron Slave? Our experience with these devices is that they are set to Master.

Finally, can you do wireshark capture on the line, so that we may review the data?

00011110 (switch order 1-8). Yeah, originally that’s what I had done. I did it again just now and Wiresharked it, but like I said there isn’t anything coming out of the Anybus to look at.

I have 96 bytes set up going from the Anybus to the PLC (O-T in this config) Instance ID160, and 200 bytes going from the PLC to the Anybus (T-O) Instance ID 165. Tags seemed to match ok, it’s the connection that’s a problem. Originally I has the Omron as the Master, but thought the 05:0000 error code might’ve been because the AB7670 wanted to be the Master, so we switched it. Without any info coming from the Anybus there isn’t anything more to troubleshoot on the Omron side.HMSWireshark.pcapng (69.7 KB)

Wirecapture you are providing is between the dell pc and the omron.

I would get a port monitor switch between the Anbyus unit, and the Omron to see the communication between the units.