X-gateway firmware support

Hi All,
I connect and try to upload configuration of AB7303 Canbus, but I only see the module and cannot see how it configure inside module. May my EDS file is ver 3.03 and the old is 1.03. So please tell me where I can download it.



This is the documentation page that contains the our firmware and manuals for set up. You should be able to download what you need to configure the unit.

Thank Mr Kevin
I have found it already. Now I have an other issue please help. My module is AB7303, and now all data size became to default UINT16. We need it back to UInt24 but when we download, it need licensed in configuration.
Please help us how to solve this problem.


Generally the the data sizes are either 16 or 32. Are you referring to Input/Output area size?

If the you have a licensing issue, you will need to reach out to your local sales representative.

Any update on this issue?