X-Gateway Modbus TCP to Profibus DP


Disclaimer: I am a first time Anybus gateway user.

I am using Anybus X-Gateway AB7634-F to map data from an old S7-300 Siemens PLC and make it available to to the SCADA software, which is Ignition in this case.

My question: Inside Anybus Configuration Manager, how do I specified the addresses that the data will be mapped to? In other words, what Modbus address should I provide to the SCADA programmer so they can read from the gateway?
I don’t seem to find that option?

The same question also goes for the Profibus address?

Here is a snapshot of my configuration:

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Hello @Abed88,

Not mapping is done in ACM (Anybus Configuration Manager) . The data is swapped from the input of oneside to the output of the other directly. Section 5.4 shows the mapping from memory to the modbus registers.

In modbus addressing mode Data written to modbus holding register 1 (40001) maps to the output buffer bytes 0&1. This will then be available on the profibus side on the input side in bytes 0&1. This then works in revers, writing to bytes 0&1 on the output side of the profibus side is mapped over to bytes 0&1 on the ethernet side and mapped to the corresponding modbus register. In modbus addressing mode this is input register 1 (30001).

If the control/status word is enabled this will shift the data down and can be seen in the address over view of ACM.


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Hi @deryck_hms,

Thank you for making this simple. So, whatever comes first on the Profibus output side, will be moved respectively to the Modbus input side?

Another quick question: Is there a way to monitor the values of the registers inside the gateway while being online with it?

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Hi @Abed88 ,

Here is a screen shot from the gateway user guide to help visualize what is happening. the data is mirrored between the two interfaces.

You can see the first 64 bytes of the buffer from the webpage on the modbus TCP side of the gateway on the monitor tab.


Hi @deryck_hms

About the Modbus buffer output registers, does the buffer register x000 corresponds to the lower byte of the register 40001? and the does the buffer register x0001 corresponds to the higher byte of 40001?

Byte 0 will be the most significant byte.