X-Gateway Profibus DP Slave to Fanuc CNC Profibus Master connection



Hello Everyone.
Wondering if someone can share an experience with connecting X-Gateway Profibus DP Slave to Fanuc CNC Profibus DP Master card.
Here is my info:
X-Gateway: AB7652 - Profibus Slave to Profinet I/O
Fanuc CNC: 0iD, but assume the same Profibus Master card can be used in 30i and 32i
There are no other nodes on Profibus but CNC (master node #1) and gateway (slave node #2).
I will share pictures with the settings I used and will try to comment as much as possible:
Here are my gateway settings:

Here are CNC Profibus settings (unfortunately there is no way to do a screenshots so used the camera):

  1. Master bus parameters page 1:
  2. Master bus parameters page 2:

    3 Master bus parameters page 4 (skipped 3 because just an interface name):
  3. Slave table (just one node #2):
  4. Slave parameters page 1 (took ident #1831 from gateway gsd file):
  5. Slave parameters page 2:
  6. Slave parameters page 3:
  7. Slave parameters page 4:
  8. Slave parameters page 5:
  9. Slave module data:
  10. Slave DI/DO data:
  11. Master operation mode. Now this one interesting, the CNC profibus manual indicates that CNC tries to test connection and switch the card online while booting but the mode goes offline if there is connection or configuration error:

Unfortunately I only have USB-2-ProfibusDP converter from Siemens that requires power from Profibus plug and nether gateway or CNC provides the power, so can not test the connection with HMS Profibus Master Simulator sofwate.
I would really appreciate if someone can give me some directions.


Hi @Viktar,

I personally do not have experience with this Fanuc CNC, but as you can see there is not a lot to configure for the slave device (X-Gateway), other than the IO sizes. Whether or not to enable the Control/Status word will also depend on the Profinet side. Normally you would import the AB7652 GSD file into the Profibus configuration software. Are you using any software for the Profibus configuration or just this HMI interface? You could try the Anybus NetTool for Profibus, but you would also need the Fanuc CNC GSD file.

One other thing, you mentioned no power on the bus. Our gateway should have 5V between pin 5 & 6:



Thanks Kyle,

I figured it out by adding 4 bytes User Parameters Data 80,00,00,00 as it was described in gateway gsd file.

Best Regards.


Great! Let me know if you have any other questions.