XGateway AB7831-F module physical network security between 2 PLCs?

We are planning to install a AB7831 X-Gateway with Ethernet IP Slave for both networks, to connect 2 PLCs together. We need to exchange data between the 2 PLCs at a site, but want to make sure they are still isolated for security reasons. 1 PLC is ours, the 2nd PLC is a partner of ours, but does not belong to us.
The isolation is to protect from erroneous downloads, accidental of malicious activity on either networks, etc.
What is the best solution? Is the X-Gateway itself enough? Or is there a best practice of adding an intermediate switch with VLAN on each end or something?

NOTE: I am not completely IT savvy…but do have access to our IT department to forward suggestions…


Hi @mo.petersen ,

This is an interesting question I’ll try to answer it to the best of my abilities. The Xgateway is not intended to be a security device but the two ethernet interfaces on the device are not directly linked between each other. Network traffic from one side can not get to the other. The IO data is written to one Ethernet module on the device then though an internal System exchanged with the second Ethernet device for the second master to request/read. No TCP or any other type of Internet traffic is exchanged between the two interfaces.