XGateway Profinet data in TIA Portal


I have an AB7649 XGateway which I want to use to pass data between an Allen Bradley Plc and a Siemens Plc. I have configured the XGateway with four bytes of input data and four bytes of output data.

I have the ControlLogix Plc code working, it is sending data to the XGateway and I can see the data from the XGateway web page.

Then I followed the instructions in the application note SCM-1202-052 on how to add the XGateway into TIA Portal. This seemed to go per the instructions except I noticed one difference. The notes show a picture of the input and output bytes with I and Q addresses apparently assigned to them.

However, when I added the input and output bytes to my project they do not show addresses.

When I go to the watch table to try to see the incoming data, it does not show any non zero values, as what should be coming from the gateway.

Do I need to somehow assign addresses to the input data? Or am I looking at the wrong input addresses? Thanks,


Hi @JonNash,

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this:

I can’t seem to replicate the problem. Are you sure that you followed the instructions fully and assigned a device name and IP address? Have you tried adding from the Input/Output modules instead?



Sorry for the slow response, I was out for the long holiday weekend. I am back in the office now and still trying to figure out the TIA Portal side of this XGateway. I did follow the instructions and assign a device name and IP address.

However, I do not see any data coming in to the tags in the watch table.

The only thing I noticed that looked different from the pictures in the instructions is that my Device view does not seem to show any I addresses or Q addresses next to my IO modules (the region circled in red).

I’m not sure what you mean about “adding from the Input/Output modules instead”.



Hi Jon,

Looking this over I think you have the right idea that there is no I and Q addresses getting assigned to the module. I think this is done automatically by TIA portal when you add the IO modules.

Kyle was suggesting to use the combined input/output modules for the device to see if it gives a different result.

Is there any useful info here:


We got it working today. The issue in TIA Portal was that the XGateway device was not assigned to the Plc.

Once we did that, the I and Q addressed filled in automatically. And I was able to monitor the data inputs. Thanks,


Ah that would make sense. Glad to hear it is working.