You are already connected to talk2m

i get this message : “You are already connected to talk2m from another computer”
when im trying to connect through the ecatcher to my account.
the account name is BIOFISHENCY.
I tried to restart the ecatcher and i know that nobody is connected to this this account.
can you help me?

We have been seeing some issues like this due to a server problem and are currently working on a fix. Can you create another User in eCatcher and use that to log on, in the meantime?

I dont know if you did something , but it now working good.
do you know why it happened?
is it because to many people were connected together ?
thanks for your quick response.

ido perlman.
Honig electric.

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@ido_perlman There was an issue at one one of the datacenters where our VPN servers reside and that caused some users to not be able to connect. We were told that it was resolved this morning.