Changing from a wan card to verizon modem

i am trying to change from using a sa2100 modem and wan card to a Verizon in chassis modem on a flexy 201 and cannot seem to connect to the flexy. any help would be appriciated

Hi Kevin,

Do you have an FLB 3203 in your Flexy to connect to the Verizon network?

Yes. With SIM card installed

Do you know if Verizon gave you a custom APN or if they are just having you use one of their standard ones?

Also can you check what your cell signal strength is?

I don’t have a SIM card in my device right now, but it should show the signal strength from 0 - 31 where the red text is

device keeps blink red on USR. i read the manual and it says its in the wrong slot. i have moved it to both available slots and it still does this…1 sec ON… .5 sec OFF. So i cant even get to the browser

do you have to configure the ewon before inserting the modem

Reading on here it needs a firmware upgrade. How do i do that?

Hi Kevin,

If it’s saying you have it in the wrong slot you’ll need to power down the device and put it into the correct slot. For devices that are FLA, they will be the 2 left slots. For FLB it will be the 2 right slots, and for FLX they can go into any of the 4 slots. There should be some filled in dots near the bottom of a card indicating the location they need to go into.

You shouldn’t need to configure the Flexy before you insert the modem, but you’ll want to insert the modem before you turn the device on.

To do a firmware upgrade that can be done through eBuddy, the post below should be helpful with the upgrade procedure.

still not establishing a wan connection. Could someone please give me a call? Thanks

05/11/2019 11:54:02
esync-Cannot establish WAN connection
05/11/2019 11:54:02
wanmgt-WAN connection request has time out

errors i am getting now in the wizards…

hey Tim can you give me a call again.

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