What is the process for an RMA?


NOTE: This is the process for the Americas region, North, South and Central America. For other regions please contact your distributor for information regarding the RMA process.

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RMA Process

Step 1. To avoid unnecessary RMAs, HMS requires that you work with our Technical Services team to troubleshoot the device before an RMA is issued. We will work to quickly resolve the issue or issue an RMA for your device to be replaced or repaired.

Step 2. If the device requires an RMA, HMS Technical Services will issue a ticket number. This number identifies the steps we took to troubleshoot the issue.

Step 3. Contact your local distributor and provide the ticket number. Your local distributor will reach out to us and handle the process going forward.

NOTE: If you are an HMS distributor, you can proceed to the HMS RMA portal. You will use this RMA portal to enter a request for an approved RMA. After the RMA is processed and accepted you will receive shipping information. If you have questions or need support accessing the portal please contact returns@hms.se or call customer service at +1-312-829-0601.


I think my device is damaged can I ship it back for you to troubleshoot?

Before we accept a return we require the device be troubleshot with an HMS support engineer. We will provide trouble shooting support over the phone, via TeamViewer, and right here on hms.how.

What is the warranty period for my device?

Device Type Warranty Period from initial purchase
Anybus Gateways 36 months
Cosy 131 and Flexy 205, 201, 202, and 203 24 months
Cosy 141 and CD series 18 months
Netbiter 36 months
Ixxat (excluding SG Gateways and IXXAT CAN/CANopen PLC Extensions 36 months
For the official HMS return policy please see https://www.anybus.com/support/product-returns/product-return-policy

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