RMA 2 Cosy 131s and 1 Flexy 205

Hi Steve,

The ticket number will be the 5 digit number starting with 18xxx in the subject line.



  • Has 3 devices that have all failed in the field and were not able to fix with assistance from support. Have all been factory reset. Chris Biester is on site today.

RMA Ticket # 18538


Hi Kyle,
I don’t see the number in your subject line. Can you send me the Ticket Number again?
Power Drives, Inc.

Here you go Steve,

RMA Ticket # 18538


Thanks Kyle,
Here is what it looked like on my email.

None of this is working to get me an RMA# so I can send these back. I have tried the Reset Password twice now, and I get no email. Can you direct me to someone who can get me an RMA# for these?

Sorry, I meant the shipping label to return it. I saw somewhere that I get that with the online login which I haven’t been able to get to work. Or, just send me the address for return.

Hi Steve,

Here is a guide on how we normaly do the RMA Process.

The number Kyle gave you 18538 is the ticket number used in the RMA.

If you still have any questions you can contact returns@hms.se or call customer service at +1-312-829-0601

Thank you Zach,
Well, the HMS Portal is where is all falls apart. I have requested a Password Reset 4 times now, and I have never received the password reset email. You can look at my email address