EWON 201 - 5 LED always Stay ON


I have a customer who has a Flexy201 (SN 1432-0039-21) and he did a “Second Level Reset (factory reset)”.

The result:
The 5 LEDs are now always ON (PWR,USR,DI1,DI2,DO) and USR is always red.
Could not see it with eBuddy.

I tried:
An eWON Recovery and still nothing (with a 100mb switch between the PC and the Flexy)
First Level Reset (nothing)
Another Second Level Reset but it doesn’t work.

Do you have any ideas for the next step?

Thank you

Hi Christian,

One thing I would want to check first is to make sure that all of the extension cards (FLA/FLB/FLC/FLX) are taken out of the device and that there’s no SD card inserted. After that can you try powering on the device again and see if that changes anything? If not, the only other option I could think to try would be to try a recovery with 1 other PC to see if that makes a difference. If that doesn’t work we’d recommend going through with an RMA if the device is under warranty.


Hello Tim,

I had already removed the expansion card and I don’t have an SD card. I tried with another PC and still no result.

I watched with WireShark while eBuddy tries to do a Recovery and I can see eBuddy’s broadcast request go through but the eWon is not responding.

Do you have any other ideas?

Thank you

If that seems to be the case, and the device isn’t responding to the recovery, unfortunately there isn’t anything else we can do to try and fix the device and you’ll need to go through the RMA process if the device is still under warranty.