Defective Flexy #1808-0063-21

Hi Support,

Following the assistance and advice of Mr. Simon-Julien Elie, I am sending you what has been attempted to correct the situation.


            The USR LED flash red, at the second

            The eBuddy do not see it


Remove the WAN card FLX 3101

Remove all network cable

            Second Level Reset - with the assistance of Mrs Elie


Nothing Change, the LED USR Blink red

Let me know if you want me to try something else or the RMA procedure

Hi Paul,

Are you saying that with the FLX3101 (and any other cards) removed from the device, no network cables attached, and no SD card inserted, when powered on is the USR light still flashing RED?


Hello Kyle,
I removed all cards, the SIMs card as well as the network wires before doing the reset and after the reboot the LED USR still flashing red

In that case, please RMA device.

Thank you,


Good Morning Kyle,

Please could you tell me the procedure to follow for the RMA

Do not hesitate if need more information,
Thank you

Hi Paul,

Here is the information you need for the RMA. your ticket number is 13960.