eWON cosy141 User LED

What does the USER LED blinking red mean? Not allowing any traffic through the switch currently.

You might be having an IP conflict, can you disconnect all of the cables from the device and try to power it down and power it back up and see if the LED is still blinking?


Hey Tim,

The LED is still blinking after the restart and I’ve confirmed there’d no duplicate IPs on the LAN, what else could cause this error?


Hi Dylan,

It is likely one of the following errors:



Yeah, it was a Flash erase error. I had swapped the 141 with another known-good device to see if the error was caused by the connected devices or the 141 itself.
After swapping them they both worked without issue. I thought that was kind of odd so I swapped them back and the 141 with the initial error is working perfectly but now I have a RAM Test error on the initially good 141. Do I just need to power cycle the 141s
to clear the error or is there a deeper issue I need to look for.



Hi Dylan,

If it’s a Flash/RAM error the device may not be too reliable in the near future. You could try and do a recovery on the device to reflash the firmware but it may be that the device may not be salvagable at this point.

If you’re able to get a backup.tar file from the device through eBuddy we should be able to take a look and see if there’s any other issues on the device though



I’m trying to pull the backup file with the service files from the 141 with eBuddy but its failing to connect with all the IP settings at their default, any ideas?


Are you connecting to that device locally or over eCatcher?

I’m connecting over the LAN with eBuddy.

What’s your computer’s IP address and what is the Cosy’s IP address?

Cosy :

PC :

Hmm that’s strange it should be able to reach it and grab the backup from that. What version of eBuddy are you using?

Version 12.3 – Build 25984

Ok, it might be that the device isn’t able to do a backup in its current state. You might want to try and go through with the recovery and see if that will make the device more responsive

eBuddy says this is a non-recoverable model

Oh you’re right, sorry I forgot that was only for Flexys and cosy 131s, can I take a look at this device over teamviewer when you’re free so I can look at the event logs on this device?


Can we do it over Skype?

I could do Microsoft teams if that works better

We don’t have an account for Teams, TeamViewer will work.

Ok, can you send me the teamviewer ID and password when you’re ready?