Firmware update problem - Flexy

je veux utiliser une carte FLX 3402 sur ewon flexy 202 avec firmware de 7.0s2, mais sa marche pas.
et sa firmware il veut pas mettre a jour avec ebuddy (voir photos ci-joints)
NB: pour la mise a jour de firmware j’ai utiliser F7.

merci ALMA0 ALMA1

Hi @Abdelaziz,

Please reference this post for updating your Flexy, you’ll need to go through the recovery procedure since you’re firmware is below firmware 11.0

I followed all of these methods, but the problem still persists

The only other thing we could really recommend for the recovery would be to maybe try again with a different PC and to make sure that there is a 10/100switch in between the device and your PC. Other than that if the device is still under warranty you may be able to do an RMA