Firmware Upgrade Transfer Error

I haven’t been able to upgrade some of our eWONs to the latest firmware and when trying recieve the following error “Transfer error : Failed to send file to eWON.”.
I am using eBuddy and eCatcher to remotly upgrade the firmware. I have successfully upgraded 2 other eWONs to the latest firmware but cannot figure out what is causing this issue.
What causes this error and how to I fix it to enable firmware upgrades?

Hi Barry,

What firmware is currently on the device and what firmware are you trying to upgrade to?

Also this page has a lot of FAQs that should be a good reference to follow for upgrading a device:

Hi Tim,
I ended up figuring out the issue. Short story is the eWON user did not have firmware upgrade permissions.
Long story. When using ebuddy it does not give you any information as to why a the transfer failed. I used wireshark to inspect the packets during the upgrade procedure.
Interestingly I observed that the account credentials are sent in plain text.
But after a bunch of packets were sent and then a response from the eWON a single packet in plain text responded with insufficient permissions.
I would suggest that this sort of information is displayed through ebuddy for transparency and ease of troubleshooting.

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for the update, I’ll include some information about making sure that an admin user is the one that has to issue the firmware update