Flexy 205 access

I have been provided the account, user and password to a Flexy 205 that was configured in India, now in Honduras. I’m in the UK. T2M.M2Web displays “offline”. Contact in India sees that same. I have not used the Flexy before, only Netbiter. I see no links to configuration, status or history information. Should I?

Hello, is there anybody that has physical access to the device so we can determine why the device is offline?

Hi Tim,

Jim is on site in Honduras. Correction to my message. It is a Flexy 202. Pics below taken by Jim yesterday. Would appreciate any help. Jim has tried reset level 1. No change.

A Whatsapp call to Jim to determine if the Flexy can be fixed quickly or not would be appreciated. The HMI on the same power supply failed. A suspected power spike in the recent hurricane season suspected.

Jim’s number: [redacted]


Philip Heiner

Hi Philip,

I’ll give Jim a call and let you know what I find out.


It looks like that call immediately goes to voicemail. Can you have him try and connect to the LAN side of the device and then see if the device appears in eBuddy?



Tim tried to call and it went to voicemail. He wants you to connect to the Flexy LAN port and run eBuddy. This might be distracting to your main objective – to get the HMI up and test for the demo.

Did you Whatsapp or call? Jim may have things diverted. He lives in Illinois.



I just did a call, unfortunately right now we have a meeting at 9:15 that may go until 10:00 Eastern time, do you want me to try and call again after that’s done?

Jim is up to his neck in it at present fixing the HMI. Comms next priority. Will be best if he tells us when he is ready for a call. Thanks for your support. So many LEDs on teh Flexy that are not matching the manual, it may be a factory resent, and/or flat battery?

Jim asked for a Whatsapp. Is that OK?

Hi Philip,

Unfortunately we’re not able to use Whatsapp for support calls, but if he can give us a call at 312-893-5636 and ask for Tim when he’s free, I can take a look at this with him


Hi Tim & Jim,

Any success with the Flexy 202? Did it boot up without the 3G module? If it did, the internet service available on site could be used instead of the 3G for the Flexy to provide the remote access to the PLC and HMI. Otherwise a VPN needs to be established at the router, or with a box like: https://plclink.co.uk/


Philip Heiner

Hi Phil,

I talked with Jim and it seems like the device wasn’t able to boot without having the 3G card inside the Flexy. Jim was saying he was going to try and go through a recovery for the device.

I also had a colleague in sales that was going to try and get him a new device for his colleague in Houston that was going to be flying over to Jim


Thanks for the support. My understanding is the Flexy needs to be replaced.


Philip Heiner

You’re welcome, let me know if you’re able to get the Flexy in time before his colleague flies out of Houston