LAN side gateway mapping

Customer wants to access a VLAN (gateway address) on the LAN side of FLEXY for expanded VLAN access on the LAN side. Is there anyway this could be set up in scripting as no provision in the GUI?


You’ll have to setup a path in the remoting PC so that it knows how to route through that gateway and reach the desired network

Example (assume 24 bit subnet mask for this example):

Gateway IP - (must be in the same subnet as eWON LAN IP)
Device behind gateway -

Once connected via eCatcher, open command prompt as administrator

Format = route ADD destination_network MASK subnet_mask gateway_ip


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Not sure there is a PC in the path here. I will get a drawing from customer for clarification.

He is trying to put a route on the eWON LAN side in the Flexy. No PC in direct link.

Can you confirm if this is supported?


Thank you for the clarification. Typically people will use the remote access of the eWON and VPN into the LAN. I thought this was the case.

We do have a static routing table in the eWON for the LAN which typically doesn’t work well when going through the VPN tunnel so I did not recommend it.

Page 60 of the general reference guide: