No tag selection in the Flexy for RSLogix Long word

We are using Micrologix 1100 and 1400 plcs with the DF1 driver. There is no tag selection to use a Long word Lxx:xx. RSLogix does not use a Double word designation (Dxx:xx). In firmware up to 13.3 you could use an Lxx:xx address with the Dword selection, it didn’t like the tag but it would accept it and read the data in. In firmware 14.0 and up it will not accept the tag at all or pull the data in. Fortunately I only updated 11 of the 200+ Flexys we are using when this was discovered. I had called in and was assured this would be looked into and I would get a response back within 24 hours, that was Dec. 18th 2019. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as we track this data for maintenance purposes to report back to our customers. Is there a resolution for this?


I apologize for the delay. I will have this issue escalated immediately.

In the meantime, can you provide a backup with support files?

Any update on this?


Everything has been updated. I am still waiting to hear back for a response.

hello Chris,

Are you trying to use 64-bit int values? If that is the case, the Flexy will not be able to translate that data. I spoke to our developers regarding Lword support, and they stated that they never officially supported long word int designation. Unfortunately, they do not plan to include in future updates.


This is a 32 bit word

So are you saying if I want to use the double word feature I have to keep all of my units on firmware 13.3. This makes no sense to me as it used to work up until firmware 14.


Unfortunately, they had removed the L modifier.

The inclusion of Long Word type that RS Logix requieres has been submitted to the R&D department for integration. As of now, I do not have any work on when it will be implemented. I would advise to recover to an older firmware.

I would first back up the unit, then perform the recovery.

Hi Has this been solved, I need to use Lword for 1 of my projects

They have resolved it with the latest firmware.

I’m on Firmware 14.5 and how do I add a tag for Modbus TCP Lword tag

Hello Isaac,

When adding the register in the tag, you include the modifier at the end of the Register address.

Example: 40001L

Thank you, that helps