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I would like to know if it is possible to create two .csv files in PUTFTP. I want to create two files, one for Historical logs (TAG_HL.csv) and second for real time logging (TAG_RT.csv). The problem is that there is input for specific FTP path where i can define only one file. The same is in File content below… Is there a way to pass an array with two paths into these inputs? Or some other way to solve this?

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Hi @rozsypalweboo,

I believe you should be able to do this similar to the way it’s done in the sendmail command below:



Thank you for your answer Tim, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be working like i would like to. In the topic you sent me, they solve problem with 2 files in 1 email… i would like 2 separate files. Yes, I can join two EBDs with “&” but it doesn’t solve the problem with two files… with this I still get 1 file, which is specified in “Destination File Name” but I can’t find a way to specify 2 paths… I tried to replace FTPDir$ with “web/EWONFTP/Tags/Tag_22_RT.csv” but it doesn’t work (I left “Destination File Name” empty).

Ah sorry about that, in that case we may need to do this through scripting instead. Could you try the example below and see if that is helpful for what you’re trying to do?

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Thank you, this seems to be the right solution! Is there any way how can I access Basic IDE text file and insert code externally? I use eWON Tag Generator to send data to my device and this xls file is rewriting var_lst.csv. So is there any file like var_lst where I can insert my script?

I believe that the BASIC IDE script is stored in the program.bas file stored on the device

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Thank you very much for your help Tim!

You’re welcome! let me know if you have more questions