RE: Flexy output formatting questions

Hi Ben,

Good afternoon. I am including my support team on this.

I will be back in the office tomorrow and can help drive to resolution.

Hi Ben,

  1. How are you currently generating the two files needed? If these are using EBD descriptors then there isn’t much we can do to change their formatting as these are created with build in functions. You might be able to adjust the EBD to get it formatted closer to what you need. Can you provide your current descriptors and I see if there are any changes we could make.

  2. It might be possible to use an input module but I would need more info about your current setup. How are you currently getting the data?

  3. I am not sure I understand this question. We do not sell HMI panels for the flexys if this is what you are asking. Arjun should be able to help out more with this one.


My apologies for the delay. I haven’t worked with Ewon support before, so I was expecting an email response (didn’t know you guys primarily use a forum for support tickets).

  1. Hopefully the below picture will shed some light on how we’re exporting things right now.

  2. We need basic time-series data for four channels. Two channels are analog (0-10v) values and two channels are reading the cumulative number of times a valve was fired by reading the valve’s solenoid coil. Each line should be as follows:

[time stamp],[analog a],[analog b],[count a],[count b]
[time stamp],[analog a],[analog b],[count a],[count b]
[time stamp],[analog a],[analog b],[count a],[count b]

  1. Not an HMI. Simply any good way to get a graph, be it with a program or in a browser. Excel was completely unable to handle visualizing a full days’ worth of “once per second” data, so right now I’m using a java-based graphing library (called dygraphs) in a web browser. Maybe there’s some sort of dashboard for this stuff on the Ewon site?

Item 3 isn’t very important, as I can work with pretty much any GOOD .csv formatting using dygraphs.

Hey @benl

Sorry about that, you should have received an email, maybe it went into spam earlier?

But anyways I think you should be able to see a graph like this fairly easily with ViewON

You’ll need to set the parameters so that it can read in the initial information from your eWON device and then you should be able to select tags for the graph


You should be able to go to drawing > graphical components > trends > and call you tags from there just grab the tag info and select the time window

I’d also recommend upgrading the cosy’s firmware to the most recent firmware 13.2s1

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