Saving Error: timeout Error

Whenver i add tag, delete tag. Saving Error:timeout pops and disconnected me from Ewon.
m2web offline.
Happens everytime.

Hi @Khoo_Yik_Herng

could you try and send us a backup.tar file of the flexy with the support files included? I want to see what it’s showing in the error log



Thanks for the reply Tim, yesterday i reformated the ewon and redo all the configuration .
However, the problem still exist just now.
Whenever I add/delete/change any tag or configurations, the “saving error:timeout” pops out.
Also, my ewon constantly gone offline. Not sure its our wifi signal is weak or any mistake during configuration.
Thanks and hope your reply soon.

Hi @Khoo_Yik_Herng

Does this happen only when you’re connected to the device over eCatcher or does it happen when you’re connected locally as well? I do see that there’s some http request timeouts in the error logs so it might help to go into the internet wizard and change the DNS to and

Another thing that might be worth checking is if you can use your cell phone as a hot spot and connect to that to see if it’s continually dropping offline as well.

As for why it’s not letting you save/add/delete tags that shouldn’t be happening, it might be helpful if you do a recovery of the device using the method described in the post below:

General Upgrade and Recovery Guide

Dear Tim, We suspected the save/add/delete problem might be because of Basic ide cyclic section. We removed the basic ide cyclic actions and removed any tags associated with the actions and the problem is solved. We do changed the DNS to and and http request timeouts still can be seem from time to time. Now we facing another issue which is the "epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached". It constantly pops out but we still able to stay connected.[color=red]MOVED TO STAFF NOTE[/color] (2.1 MB) Thank you very much for the help and hope your reply soon. Have a good day

If you completely turn off the BASIC IDE section does it still keep showing this error?

Also the errors “epxy-Maximum sessions per port reached”;“eproxy”;79340;33106 Indicates to many socket connections are being opened. With this error “stdsrv-receive socket error during read/write”;“eproxy”;79340;33001 They are thinking that the 4500 and 500 ports might not be allowed on your network. You might also be running software that is opening up to many new ports then can be handled.