“Security negotiation failed”error upgrading firmware Flexy202 from 8.02s2

I tried to upgrade the firmware on my Flexy from 8.02s2 to 14.2s0 using the recovery tool over wired ethernet. When I use the recovery tool, it waits for me to press the reset button on the eWon. Once I do, it asks me to press and release it two more times. I do that , then, on the next steps it fails with the message

“Security negotiation failed”.

There is a 10/100/1000 switch between my desktop and the eWon. I am using eBuddy to attempt the recovery. eBuddy is at the latest update. I have disabled anti-viruses currently running and ensure that our firewall has an exception for the ebuddy software.

Also, we have tried with another PC and the same problem. The serial number is: 1418-0066-21. We sold this router about 6 years ago.
Can you send me any procedure to get a successfull upgrade?

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