Send tag value through PUTHTTP in JSON format

Hello. I´m trying to sent data to a server through PUTHTTP without HTTP basic authentication. What I need to send is the value of a tag called LT29930 on Flexy 205, but I need send it in JSON format, as follows:

    "TankNumber": 1,
    "Factory": "CXP",
    "RpiServer": "Testing",
    "Machine": "Machine01,
    "TypeProduct": 5,
    "TimeStamp": "20210107 05:39:10",
    **"DATA": "WhereIneedInsertTagValue"**,
    "Device": "weigth Indicador", 
    "Exported": 0

By now, the only field I need send is “DATA” where I must insert the value of LT29930. The other fields can be a single text (string). I´m PLC programmer the most so I don´t get this IT languages enought to make it by my self, so if some of you could help to make the code I need, I will really appreciate it.


Unfortunately, we are not able to write customer code for clients without it being a paid service. I can send you some exampls and tools that we use, in order to assist you with your request.

I would review the post below:

Also, verifying the your results with the JSON Viewer at the following link: