SocketCAN Driver for Linux 20.04

Yes i am using linux ubuntu 20.04. Are you able to advise me on the correct steps on how to fixs this issue.

Yes. The way to fix it is make / make install the driver after updating the kernel. The update is overwriting the SocketCAN driver.

Hello Kyle, we were also experiencing the same issue and the modified version above seems to compile fine for us. Is there a potential release date for those changes to be pushed for distribution via the main ixxat driver download page?

Hi @railpod,

I will check and find out when this will be released.

Hello Kyle, would you please be able to confirm a (tested) kernel version on Ubuntu 22.04 with which the driver is compatible?

Kernel 5.13? The one I posted above supports up to kernel 5.15.

Here is the link again: MOVED TO STAFF NOTE

Latest version as of 3/2023: (161.5 KB)