Subnet fault on Ethernet/IP Gateway

We are using two Anybus gateways to communicate between two micromotion flow-meters and an Allen Bradley L73s controller. The gateways are of type Ethernet/IP with single ethernet port. .

Same configuration file has been downloaded to both the gateways except for the IP address which is of course different for both. While one gateway is working fine, the other one is showing red LED for the subnet status.

The logic in the PLC is same for both communicators.

When I click on ‘start logging’, the good communicator generates a log file within a few seconds and stops, while the one with subnet error keeps on logging until I click on stop logging.

I’m attaching the two log files as well the common cfg file thats been used for both.
log_Good_Gateway.txt (30.9 KB)
log_subnetfault.txt (22.5 KB)
F15N395_Anybus_EIP.cfg (16.0 KB)

This is all the information I have. Will appreciate any help or pointers. Thank You.

From your log file I believe there are two possible reasons for this issue,

-The node address (currently set to 1) in the configuration file is not correct for one of the setups. Perhaps the second flow meter is a different node address? If the node address is incorrect the Micromotion would not know the Modbus command was for it.

-The wiring on the serial bus has some issue.

The reason I believe one of these are the issue is because there is only data in the TX column. Another issue would result in a modbus exception in the RX column.

Hi Nick. You were right. It turned out to be the wiring issue. The (-) wire from Micromotion RS485 output to Anybus communicator was disconnected. Put the wire back in, cycled power and subnet LED went green.

Thanks for the help !!

I am glad you found the issue! Thanks!

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