Trying to move flexys to another account

Client had a falling out with the previous integrator that purchased the devices. They want to have a new person take over their old eCatcher account. The devices a physically at the customer’s location.

Andrew could you please provide an invoice on these devices as well as any other information you could give us about them including:

  • serial numbers
  • number of devices
  • account name
  • email address of old account


Hi Tim,

Something else I thought of yesterday…

I have in the past experienced conflict between VPN clients, where my host laptop could only hold 1 VPN client at a time.

I currently have the Secomea VPN client installed on my machine. Will installing the eWON softwares have any compatibility issues with Secomea?

Andrew Grant

Hi I posted a response, did you see it?

Hi Andrew,

Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier,

eCatcher should create a new Tap V-9 Adapter when it’s installed. There are a few programs I’ve seen that will take a tap adapter and just rename it as well as changing their settings. But if that’s the case you could always just install a new Tap V-9 Adapter and follow the settings below:

Hi Tim,

I have this transfer resolved today.

Throughout my effort, I have been unable to update the firmware from 8.1 on the device. As I understand it, this version of firmware requires the eBuddy Recovery tool to update the firmware. I get to the step re “Press BI1 button while booting and wait 20s…” but nothing ever happens after that step. Any advise or tricks required for my device? F/n 1511-0114-22 .

Andrew Grant

Hi Andrew,

Just wanted to make sure when going through the reference for updating you saw that you’ll need a 10/100 switch. I made a general update guide earlier if you want to take a look at this first.

Let me know if you have any questions

Hi Tim, yes I am using a 10/100 network switch between my computer and the eWON LAN port.

I also tested it directly connected too, to see if any differences, but it didn’t work either.

Andrew Grant

does it get to the point where it’s showing something like this?

No, I have not seen that screen.

I only get as far as this screen:

I turn the power off and wait 20s.

Then I press the BI1 button in, then restore power.

I continue to hold BI1 in for 20s, and longer. But the sequence doesn’t progress.

Andrew Grant

Hi Tim, I may have missed your response to the below? Unable to update the firmware.

Sorry about that, I thought I hit the reply button earlier. Is there another computer you could potentially try to perform this on?

I’ll ask around if I can obtain another computer?

I suspect this has not been encountered before?

Andrew Grant

Typically when we see it, it’s either the computer isn’t able to connect to it or the device is damaged, but that doesn’t seem to be the case right now at least since you’re able to get onto the device

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