What's wrong with this Flexy?

This Flexy 205 had been connected and working. I did a “REBOOT” command on it, and it disconnected and will not come back, even after a power cycle. I noticed the orange lights on the bottom and don’t think I’ve ever seen them all being on before… and I thought they were supposed to be green. We don’t use any Hardware I/O on this unit. Thoughts?

Are you able to access the Flexy and check the event log? Is the usr light blinking orange or solid? If it is blinking then it can be caused by a WAN/LAN clash.

It was on solid. We verified that no other devices occupied that same LAN address by disconnecting the eWON’s cable and pinging the address. We then also disconnected the WAN cable and plugged the LAN cable back in. Even tried usinf eBuddy to access the unit through its MAC address and it would not show up.

Did a Factory Reset on it, and no change. We still have no access through eBuddy, all LEDs are either orange or red at the bottom of the Flexy, and the port on the switch that is connected to the Flexy’s LAN port has no LEDs on at all… as if the cable is not plugged in…

Are you able to perform a recovery on the Flexy.

eBuddy cannot find the device.
Is it possible to do a recovery if the device does not show up in eBuddy?


When doing the recovery you can manually enter the serial number and it can find the device from that.

We attempted this three times using the serial number method and even though the cabling looked correct, it never left this screen.

For the recovery was there a 10/100 switch between the device? Also could you provide the serail number of the Flexy.

There was a switch between the two devices.
We eventually ran out of time and replaced the eWON with a different one.
The new Flexy 205 has been running in the same environment with no issues.

I expect to have the previous Flexy back on my desk by RMA soon.
I will attempt one more factory reset in person.
If it fails, then I will be contacting our distributor for a warranty replacement.

I’ve got a hundred eWON routers in the field and never had one fail…
…well, other than the one that was within 25 yards of a direct lightning strike, and the eWON wasn’t the only device that had issues at that site. (LOL)

Hi Mitchell,

If when you receive the device and if the factory reset fails let us know and I can send the Case number to be used with the RMA for the distributor.